Dear fellow alumni...
James Roberts passed away yesterday of a massive heart attack.  He suffered a stroke last year
I spoke with him a couple of months ago and he was in good spirits.  He was having physical therapy for the use of his legs again.  He said that he was asked what he wanted to use more of, his hands or his legs...he answered "my legs."
He leaves behind three daughters... Aeisham,  Evony and Britney  He had seven grandchildren.  Two of his brothers are still living, Larry and Anthony.  He also had a couple of sisters .
 His brother , Ross Roberts passed away of a heart attack years ago...
The RHS Football  '69  Reunion Committee was in contact with him.  He was supposed to be one of the speakers in October.  We are all so saddened by his sudden and unexpected death.
On a personal note, he would want you all to know that he was a Born-Again Christian.  He loved his Lord.  Before his stroke, he told me that he was a Sunday School teacher at his church.  He is at peace now, home with our Lord Jesus Christ.
In high school and until my own brother Michael's death, (in 1987) James and he were best friends.  My own brother Mike, died of a heart attack on his way to meet with James at his job when he worked for General Mills.
James and his first wife Pam, and eldest daughter used to come over to our house each Christmas Eve to eat my mom's tamales...I'm sure you all have great memories yourself...Let me know if you need any more info...
 Irene Guerra-Vazquez W'69

More Eulogies

From Joe Sandoval
James and I were best friends when we started attending RHS in 1967. We both had Ronald Kendrick as our English teacher. I remember how terrific James was on the football team. Sometimes he would catch the ball from a kickoff in our endzone and run it all the way back through all the opposing team players for a touchdown. And he did this several times in the 3 years he played at Roosevelt. I remember how he fired me up as I was the drummajor for the marching band at RHS under Ed Hosharian and how we loved planning those spectacular half time shows at the Roosevelt/Garfield games. I am truly going to miss James but I AM SO GLAD TO HEAR he was walking with the Lord as I am also. God bless him and all he left behind. Please keep me posted as to the funeral arrangements. Thanks.

Joe L. Sandoval
aka "The Commissioner"
RHS Marching Band Drummajor

From Herman Flores:
I will always remember James and Ross for being helpful when I got into a scuffle at Hazard Park one day.  James and Ross came to my defense from some gang fellows that were trying to hassle me.

From Josie Estrada 
Hi Irene, I don't know if you remember me, Josie Estrada (Aguilera). I too was saddened to hear about James. He and I were good friends back in school. We were king and queen at the prom! I wish I had been in touch with him during the years. I pretty much lost touch from everyone. Anyway, I would really like to get information on his services.

From Mireya Orona-Paz
I am deeply saddened by our loss of this wonderful man and Ross. Believe it or not they were gentlemen when it came to women in school and very protective.  James saved me from a gang member one day when I was on my way home.  He roughed that guy so bad that the word got out that if I was "messed" with, they would have to answer to him and Ross.  He called me sister because he called Steve brother.  He kept telling that guy, "You mess with my sister, you mess with me!"

I shall never forget his kindness and nobleness.  We shall miss him terribly.  Thank you Irene for giving me this news.  I loved him as a brother.  Please send this little story to his family.  Also, please send me the particulars in regards to his funeral.


From David Fey
My condolences go out to James and his family and friends. James was a great guy. I will always remember him fondly. My brother, Henry Fey, played at Roosevelt from '66-'68 and was a friend of James and many of the other players. As Henry's little brother ( I was eleven years old at the time), Roosevelt was my world, I practically lived there, playing, riding my bike and watching the football team practice on almost a daily basis. In the 1969 season, I was the "waterboy" for the team. It was awesome ! ... At that time, my childhood dream was to grow up and play football for Roosevelt.

I loved Roosevelt football and everything about it. I knew all the coaches and idolized the players, from Ray Rodriquez, Esparza, Orona, Ross Roberts, Hudson, Armando Jimenez, even big Howard Ng ! Coach Mclain was "cool" too, in his own "General Patton" kind of way. As far as the players, they were all like great gladiators to me. However, the one guy that was special, was James Roberts. He used to call me "little Fey". He knew I was Henry's little brother and he treated me with kindness and attention.

I really looked up to James. Sometimes, after football practice, I'd run into James at the corner market (Mott and 4th street). James would be drinking a soda and we'd talk for a little bit, which to me, was really cool. James sure made me feel special and he instilled in me a pride and deep love for Roosevelt. I've never forgotten him; just the way I will never forget my brother Henry, who passed away in 1997 and whom we will always miss.

David Fey



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