This is a site about our days circa 1969 at Roosevelt High School in Boyle Heights, California. Here you'll find facts, memories, photos, events, and general facts about what the alumni is doing these days. Please, browse about and don't forget to sign the guestbook. Thanks!
Irene F. Vázquez


Norma M.

She was of the Class of 1971 RHS; majored in business. Her first job was as a clerk at the First Street Medical Clinic and her last was for MTA's Blue line as a secretary to the president before she retired on disability for heart attacks and diabetic complications.

Take a look at some of our football players

In Memory
James Roberts
TB 21

In Memory of
Armando Ariza


Read some eulogies given by by Irene Vázquez and others


 Howdy Tedsville!
To those unaware, forty years ago in the Fall of 1969
Roosevelt also took the Eastern League Championship and
went to the City Play-offs.
We came in second in the city that year!!

to our

for winning the 2009 Eastern League Championship,
and for defeating,
The Garfield High School Bulldogs



The 2007 - 73rd Annual East L.A. Classic
Roosevelt - 23,
Garfield - 15

Here are a couple of photos. Please sign the guestbook and tell us if you were there at the game!

 Check out the 35th Year Reunion Pics

 A Message from RHS Teacher
Alan Gershman

Irene, Dear Heart...

I had the most wonderful time last night -- my cup runneth over!!! It was the greatest fun ~ such vivid memories of so many students, who and how they were in my classes; I even remembered where many of them sat in my classes. I am grateful that so many greeted me, introduced me to their spouses and "significant others," and recalled the RHS classes we shared 40 years ago.

You and the Reunion Committee did magnificiently in bringing so many to a terrific celebration, producing a thoroughly memorable program -- I especially enjoyed the dancing; the final three couples were awesome!!! -- and recalling the late 60's with such wonderful spirit. 



Roosevelt Alumni Music Concert

Great concert-bring your friends, kids, those who play musical instruments and those who just love music!
Mini Reunion of Roosevelt alumni
 & Boyle Heights neighbors
Roosevelt High Auditorium
Friday, June 23rd at 7:30 pm
tickets adults $10 and students $5.00

Donations welcome if you cannot attend ,
please send to RHS Music Department
for Scholarships and for the Music Dept.

contact Jose Arrellano

Show time: 7:30 PM Roosevelt HS Auditorium
456 S. Mathews St., Boyle Heights, CA 90033

Tickets: $10.00 Adults / $5.00 Students
Also available online
For more information, email us at:

...At the 45 Reunion, Dr. David Almada, a former teacher at RHS (1969-1974) handed me an envelope with a letter in it.
Here is Dr David Almada's letter :

"To the class of 1969 and 1970 Roosevelt High School Reunion

Dear Irene,Mario, and all of you on the committee and class members. Thank you for your wonderful invitation. My wife Christina and I, are enclosing a donation to your scholarship
Love always,
David Almada
*Roosevelt High--the students who attended during the time I taught: Feb. 1969-June 1974- I always cared for and loved all of my students--in my classes and all those that I met and attended during the time I was with you. You were indeed special to me and you continue to be so.
Thanks for all of the memories!!!

(Please note: the reunion committee has sent the donation to the Roosevelt Memorial Scholarship Fund/Larry Villalvazo, who was a 1970 graduate, now deceased.)

Back Row:
Christine Montenegro, Eleanor Peters,
Margo Santisteban, Raul Gonzalez, Joella Vega, Irma Garcia
Sitting: Irene Guerra Vázquez, Gloria Perez and Charlie Molina

Pals since Hollenbeck:
Candy Tanamachi, Socorro Garcia, Irene Guerra Vázquez

L A T E S T   U P D A T E ! ! !

2009 - RHS 40th Reunion Photos

Gettin' Down!

See More 2009 Photos

The 1969-70 Football Varsity Banquet
Cheerleaders Stunt (Winter 2005 - Maggie's, SFS)



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 Before and After

They looked hip. They looked cool, groovy and could juggle the tough guys with the twinkle of an eye. This is how they looked in 1969. Got any idea what they look like today. C'mon... Arencha bit curious? Well dig it, Groovy! Far out! Outta site!

 RHS Alumni Foundation

The Roosevelt High School Alumni Foundation supports efforts to affect the good and well being of our community through the ongoing support of EDUCATION!

Class of 1968

40th Reunion in 2008? We're looking for volunteers with good ideas and even better contacts. If you have a good idea and can get us a good deal, let us know.  Please add your name to our mailing list so we can keep you informed about what's happening.


We Welcome the Roosevelt High School Softball Program...providing our student-athletes the finest educational and athletic experience.

1969 Roosevelt High School Football Team Reunion at Maggies 2005

Before & After

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